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Shiny Issue 6

The final issue of Shiny - Issue 6 - is now available!

I’m very sad to farewell Shiny, but farewell it I must, as Issue 6 is to be our final issue. We’ve had so much fun and found this project so rewarding. I would like to thank Tansy, Ben and Tehani who have acted in various roles for this project along the way – slush readers, editors, proof readers, reviewers and layout designers. We have learned many things along the way and this little ezine has been more successful than we could ever have imagined.

Thank you, reader, for coming along and sharing this ride with us. This final issue sends Shiny off with a bang with Dirk Flinthart’s moving and thought provoking story (with pirates! and princes!), “One Story, No Refunds”, Patti Kurtz’s emotive “Language Lessons” and a reprinting of Deborah Biancotti’s award winning story “Scar for Leida”.

Shiny Issue 6 (see Shiny website for other issues)

Shiny Issue 6